Add YouTube Video to Post

by | May 10, 2022

NOTES for Jasmine TV:

  1. Watch this generic WordPress training video.
  2. Create new post or edit an existing post from the Dashboard to access the post editor.
  3. Add the video URL to the post.  It should display automatically.
  4. On Right Sidebar of post editor, check “Video” under Format.
  5. On Right Sidebar of post editor, check “Video” under Categories, or any other category you may create to show this post.  No “Featured Image” is required.  Save the post.
  6. The YouTube video must be published as “public” on YouTube.  “Private” videos will not be playable in the WordPress post, including private videos included in a playlist URL.
  7. If a YouTube video in an existing WordPress post is changed to “private”, the post should be deleted or changed to Draft in the WordPress editor, to not be displayed on the Jasmine TV page.  Private videos should also be removed from the YouTube playlist.
  8. The post template was created in Divi and can be edited in the Divi Theme Builder.  The template title is “Jasmine Single post fullwidth”.